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Can I request an increase or decrease in alimony ?

Alimony is set amicably between the parents or by the Family Affairs Judge in the event of disagreement.

If alimony has been set amicably, it can always be revised either by a new agreement between the parents or by a court decision.

But if there has already been a court decision setting alimony, and you are unable to reach agreement with the other parent, you will need to provide evidence of a change in the parents' situation or the child's needs since the previous decision, for your application to be admissible.

You will need to prove either a change in the resources of one of the parents (a fall or rise in income and/or a fall or rise in expenses), or a change in the child's needs (for example, costly studies, higher medical expenses, etc.).

You can also provide proof of a change in the organisation of the child's residence (for example, you move from access and accommodation rights every other weekend to alternating residence).

If this proof is provided, your application will be declared admissible. The judge will then order an increase, decrease or even cancellation of the maintenance allowance, depending on the parents' financial capacities, the child's needs and lifestyle, and the child's mode of residence.

You can apply to the court near your place of residence, or the place of residence of the alimony recipient, or the place of residence of the parent who is primarily responsible for the child.

The assistance of a lawyer is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended.